ACELEMDER has been founded in 20.07.2012 and the Society has 379 active members up to date. The aims and objectives of the Society are;

- Taking precautions in order to decrease the number of occupational accidents and injuries that cause conditions which require emergency hand surgery and microsurgery practice,

- Conducting studies on emergency treatments and rehabilitation and enabling cooperation with the relevant foundations and institutions,

- Conducting studies for the patients who need emergency treatment of hand surgery and microsurgery to receive the treatment with the highest standards,

- Determining the standards for hand surgery and microsurgery education and practices and conducting studies for the educational and practical institutions to reach these standards,

- Maintaining coordination between the institutions,

- Founding laboratories for microsurgical education and research and augmenting the educational and professional level of the young surgeons to international standards,

- Supporting the activities of the Hand Trauma Centers and the other committees that are recognized by the Federation of European Societies for The Surgery of The Hand (FESSH),

- Communicating in scientific studies with clinics, societies and other institutions that are related to other specialities and that have been / will be approved by the Turkish Ministry of Health and the Turkish Admininstration of Medical Speciality according to the relevant statute, answering their requests and conducting common projects with them, in case of need,

- Representing emergency hand surgery and microsurgery in relations with relevant ministries, other public institutions and national and international societies,

- Organizing national / international hand surgery and microsurgery congresses,

- Organizing national and international scientific meetings, courses and symposia with the purpose of continuous and contemporary information transfer in hand surgery and microsurgery,

- Maintaining the sincere friendship bonds, trust and professional and social solidarity between the colleauges that work for hand surgery and microsurgery both nationally and internationally.

Valikonağı Caddesi, Sezai Selek Sokak, Akil Apt. 6/5
Nişantaşı 34356, İstanbul
Telephone: +(90) 212 2465253
Fax: +(90) 212 2466124
E-mail: acelemder@gmail.com

ESPRAS (The European Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery), endorses the International Congress on Occupational Accidents, Hand Injuries and Amputations.